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Central Valley Multi-Family Property Owner: Would You Consider Selling Your Duplex, Tri-Plex, or Four-Plex… For The Right Price?
We Buy Multi-Family Buildings located in Fresno and throughout the Central Valley In Any Condition – Price Range – Or Size
Dear fellow Fresno multi-family landlord, You’re on this page for one of two reasons. 1) You’re curious about what you can sell
your Fresno multi-family property for in this market… so you can decide if you even want to entertain selling it at all.
Or… 2) You’re just worn out with owning apartments and maybe have been through the ringer with your multi-family property
over the years and would love to see if there’s a way you can eliminate having to deal with repairs, tenants, toilets,
and evictions… without taking a big capital gains tax hit when you sell. Either way, we’d love to chat with you.

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