Sandeep Marwah Honored by IECSME

Noida: A special conference was organized by the Indo European Chamber of Small And Medium Enterprises at Noida to felicitate prominent people in the field of social work and Nation building.
“We have with us Sandeep Marwah Global Cultural Minister- our Chief Guest and a great Nationalist who has been a source of our inspiration. Marwah is chairing 100 social, cultural, film, TV, media, sports, educational organizations with almost membership of 2 million people,” said Vijay Tewari President of the Chamber.
“Sandeep Marwah’s activities are connected to more than 100 countries of the World including a lot with Europe. He is five times World Record Holder and his every action is towards World Unity,” added Laxmi Thakur Secretary of the Chamber.
The President handed over a prestigious IECSME Award to Sandeep Marwah in a grand function. “I believe in Karma and know for sure that sincere efforts towards a clear goal will never go waste. Work hard towards growth of the nation,” said Marwah.

  • Date: Tuesday 3rd of January 2017, 10:14:46
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