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Hello every business able minds out there, and compliment of the season.

HACI is offering international loans for business and individuals. We will be able to offer you the loan from $10.000.00 and above. We have stated the terms of the loan below for you to see and tell me if you are in agreement with the loan terms or not.

*Loan Amount: $10.000.00USD
*Loan Rate: 5%
*Duration: 5years(60months)
*Loan Interest: $500USD
*Monthly Payment: $175USD
*Total Payment: $10,500.00USD

There are two option which you are required to choose from which is the collateral and non collateral loans

1. Collaterals Process: We usually require an equity based property as collateral for my loan acquisition. You need to send me a collateral for this loan so that we may have the trust that as soon as we give you this loan, you will pay back at the need of the terms.

We do not accept any other property type or kind due to the fact that some of our customers have missed used this opportunity. They some times claim to have properties and send us copies of ownership, and when they are not able to pay back the loan and we took steps on claiming the properties, then we find out that the properties belong to their family.The family will then say they did not attest to the transaction at first so please you have to make sure that the collaterals you are dropping belongs to you.

Non Collaterals Process: This process required deposited of payment. For the loan of $2.21m you are entitled to send a payment of %10, %5 and %3 depending on agreement reached by both parties under negotiation. so that if you are unable to pay back the loan,your collateral will be claim and you will be placed on the media house by the bank as most wanted person, family name, reputations, might be tarnished which we as a financial institution do not want for our customers. If you pay back the loan,your payment will be returned back to you.

One thing about this alternative option is that it is a Non-collateral/security obtained from banks here which is popularly known as bank securities. When you obtain this non-collateral/security, it actually yield value which will eventually be equivalent to the loan you are obtaining during the stipulated duration of the loan. When you are unable to pay back the issuing Bank take the non-collateral which has yielded value as substitute for the loan.

We will issue out your loan to the transferring bank immediately the collateral is provided or the non collateral for the loan is acquired from the bank. Because of the risk and expenses when collateral are presented, So this is why we personally will always advice that our customers should simply go for the non collateral alternative when they do not have an equity based property to present as collateral if you still insist that you present an equity based property then that will be OK with us.

2. Transfer Of Your Loan:
Bank to Bank Transfer : The transfer of the loan must be a bank to bank transfer, except otherwise stated by the borrower which means, you will have to provide the means which you want your loan transfer to you.

3. Loan agreement document:The Loan agreement document need to be signed to trust some guarantee of you to me that we can trust you. Remember that is a large some of amount which is needed by you.

4. Loan refund:The loan must refunded back to the lender at the end of the tenure the loan seeker is seeking the loan for without any delay.

For this reason, we are giving a maximum duration of five years to the loan seeker so that he /she will be able to repay the loan within that period.And note that you will have to send us a copy of your identity card so that we may know who we are dealing with.

Considering the above conditions if they are acceptable to you, you have to give us a swift response so that we help you proceed with your loan process and get fast approval. so that i can start processing your loan.if you have a friend phone number please send it to us so that we can rich you better.

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